Here is my story

 Hi my name is Joanna Sepulveda. Most call me Jojo. Thank you for visiting this website and specifically this page to get to know al little about me and this brand. Designing has been something very close to my heart. My mother would say that I would design wedding dresses out of toilet paper on my Barbies and that's when she got me my first play sewing machine. I would always make my little sisters play dress up and do mini photoshoots, this has been something I've subconsciously was destined to do. However, having a scar down my chest from a heart condition is where it really all started. Living in my swimsuits at age 7 is where my scar started to affect me. Growing up I was always teased and questioned about it which made me very self conscious and not want to wear anything that would expose it. A few years later I went to Cali Colombia to visit my family.  Being bothered by my scar I had the bright idea to get some swimsuits custom made . I drew up some designs, I remember them being all halter top bikinis each with their own unique style to it. I wanted them to all to be halter tops because it covered up my scar. Fortunately, with time I built my confidence and didn't care about my battle wound. I then designed to be different. It was a sin for me to ever wear the same swim suit or homecoming dress as anyone else. And since I couldn't get the designer ones I dreamed of , I started making my own. The idea of Chill, Swim, Sleep came from the laid back Cali lifestyle I grew up with. Always wanting to be by water, in tropical weather baking. The Tanlife;  never taking your swimsuit off even to sleep is the lifestyle.  Each piece is custom made in LA! This concept aims to promote self love and living a carefree lifestyle where one is comfortable in their own skin, and able to focus on what's really important which is connecting with the universe. Stargirl is the alter ego behind the woman in the piece. I tend think my pieces are on video game characters fighting to save the world.  Wearing our pieces makes your a Stargirl.  A stargirl exudes confidence and shares light to everyone around to help change and better the world. I hope together we can find something that will forever mark your closet and most importantly your heart. 

Don't forget you are a star!